News and Culture starts our Spring season at the very end of some stories. Clara McWeeny and Anna Salvatore visit an estate sale. Natalia Maidique and Navani Rachumallu speak to Anthony Grafton, retiring professor of history at Princeton University. Tommy Goulding and Henry Moses talk about their favorite endings in novels. Mollika Jai Singh explores the lore around the endings of The Bachelor episodes. And Adam Sanders calls up a classmate to help him reimagine the cemetery not as a place of death and fear but as a place of memory.

Hosted by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded, and produced by Clara McWeeny, Anna Salvatore, Natalia Maidique, Navani Rachumallu, Tommy Goulding, Henry Moses, Mollika Jai Singh, and Adam Sanders. 

Theme song: “Montanita,” by Ratatat. Other music used all under Creative Commons license: “Untitled No. 1” – Matthew Mullane, “Distance” – Manu Cornet, “My Dear Commissar” – Heifervescent, “GoodMood” – Manuzik, “Periodic Comets” – Holizna.

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