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News and Culture tackles stories of domestic effort and labor – and explores the ways these oft-pigeonholed talents and works are evolving in our changing world. Adam Sanders heads to the garden, and learns about the seeds at the forefront of the new agricultural revolution. Mollika Jai Singh speaks to Lena Hoplamazian about her wild sewing and designing adventures, from tailoring clothes for her sibling to creating a condom dress. Alan Plotz explores ideas of domestic work around New Jersey at the Princeton Student Laundry Agency and reflects on the NJ Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. And we head to the rubbish bin with a story from our Archives – Oliver Whang learns about where our trash goes, and the aesthetic value of the junkyard.

Hosted and produced by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded and produced by Adam Sanders, Mollika Jai Singh, Alan Plotz, and Oliver Whang. 

Theme music: “Montanita,” by Ratatat. Other music used all under Creative Commons license: “Distance” – Manu Cornet, “garden” – johnny-ripper, “Soothing” – GrotiRoti.

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