News and Culture brings you four stories of persistence and resilience. Alan Plotz and Claire Kaneshiro learns about the intricacies of the American asylum system with Gabriel Samcam Vargas, a Princeton student and human rights advocate. Reina Coulibaly explores how fiber arts have woven the lives of Black women together for centuries. Mollika Jai Singh speaks about the importance of persistence in a marathon-length friendship. And Claire Kaneshiro and Alan Plotz learn more about living and surviving in the residential youth treatment centers commonly known as the “troubled teen industry.”

Produced and hosted by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded, and produced by Alan Plotz, Claire Kaneshiro, Reina Coulibaly, Mollika Jai Singh, and Adam Sanders. 

Theme song: “Montanita” by Ratatat.

Included music all under Creative Commons license.

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