changemakers in our community

News and Culture dedicates this Very Special Episode® to those in our community who strive to make it a better place for everyone involved – in the radically freeform way we know how. Ashley Olenkiewicz and Julian Hartman-Sigall explore the mechanics of a congressional campaign in Pennsylvania’s competitive 1st District, just across the Delaware River from Princeton. Clara McWeeny and Izzy Jacobson speak to Naomi Hess, a 2022 Princeton graduate who has spent her life fighting for disability rights, at home, at school, and in Washington. Lia Opperman and Mira Ho-Chen talk with Udi Ofer, former director of the New Jersey ACLU and current Princeton visiting professor about strategies of organizing, the fight against mass incarceration, and the state of cannabis justice in this community. And Adam Sanders learns about the growing trend of “mutual aid” networks working to make stronger community support systems – including one in our own backyard. 

Produced and hosted by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded, and produced by Ashley Olenkiewicz, Julian Hartman-Sigall, Clara McWeeny, Izzy Jacobson, Lia Opperman, Mira Ho-Chen, and Adam Sanders.

Theme song: “Montanita” by Ratatat.

Included music all under Creative Commons license: “My Dear Commissar” by Heifervescent, “Welcome River” by the IMLC, and “Good Mood” by Manuzik.

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