spooky stories

In our first-ever Halloween special, News and Culture tells spooky stories sure to give you a fright. Navani Rachamallu and Natalia Maidique tell a classic Gothic story, ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allan Poe. Izzy Jacobson and Mira Ho-Chen crowdsource some ghostly tales. Charlie Nuermberger and Henry Moses speak to an expert on the mythical Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens. Audrey Zhang digs into the Princeton University Archives to find evidence of ghosts on the historic campus. And Hannah Lee and Claire Kaneshiro explore a classic American Halloween tradition firsthand, venturing into a corn maze.

Produced and hosted by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded, and produced by Navani Rachamallu, Natalia Maidique, Izzy Jacobson, Mira Ho-Chen, Charlie Nuermberger, Henry Moses, Audrey Zhang, Hannah Lee, Claire Kaneshiro, and Adam Sanders. 

Theme song: “Montanita” by Ratatat.

Included music all under Creative Commons license: “Happy Halloween” by The Vivisectors, “It’s Not Hard to Get Lost” by Bryan Mathys.

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