News and Culture continues its second Fall season by pointing the microphone not at a genesis or an ending, but rather at three stories in the middle of their journeys of transformation. Abani Ahmed and Daniel Yeo speak to the developers and planners seeking to revitalize Trenton, New Jersey’s capital city. Natalia Maidique and Navani Rachamallu explore the comeback of vinyl record culture in recent years – from the perspectives of both the music team here at WPRB and the iconic Princeton Record Exchange. And Claire Kaneshiro learns about the experiences of those who identify as “born-again” Christians – and discovers a new perspective on self-transformation.

Directed and hosted by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded, and produced by Abani Ahmed, Daniel Yeo, Natalia Maidique, Navani Rachamallu, Claire Kaneshiro, and Adam Sanders. 

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