Continued – the first day of Princeton’s pro-Palestinian sit-in

WPRB News and Culture takes you inside the first day of the pro-Palestinian sit-in protest at Princeton University, where more than a hundred students have occupied McCosh Courtyard desiring the university’s divestment from Israel and its war in Gaza. 

We speak to Professor Max Weiss, who led a walkout of his lecture course “History of Palestine/Israel” into the sit-in, and with journalist Chris Hedges who was escorted away from the sit-in by university Public Safety officers for use of a megaphone. 

News and Culture meets with the counter-protestors angry and fearful that these protests diminish the suffering of Israelis on October 7th or could lead to the destruction of Israel and greater antisemitism. And as the day fades into evening, we watch as the protestors set up for their first night. 

Hosted by Navani Rachumallu and Adam Sanders. Reporting by Laura Robertson, Navani Rachumallu, Frankie Solinsky Duryea, Adam Sanders, Cailyn Tetteh, Julia Stern, and Harry Gorman.

Theme music: “⁠Cases to Rest” By Blue Dot Sessions. ⁠ This music is ⁠under a CC BY-NC 4.0 DEED license from Creative Commons.

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