News and Culture thinks long-term, with three stories about planning, organizing, and the travails in between. Sophie Leheny and Pat Grate visit a tarot card reader and learn the mechanics of learning about the future. Adam Sanders speaks to student labor organizers at Temple University about their plans for unionization. And in a story from our archives, Clara McWeeny and Izzy Jacobson find out what it’s like to know your entire existence was totally unplanned. 

Hosted and produced by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded and produced by Sophie Leheny, Pat Grate, Adam Sanders, Clara McWeeny, and Izzy Jacobson.

All music used under Creative Commons license. Theme music: “Take Me Higher,” by Jahzzar. Other music used: “Distance” – Manu Cornet, “GoodMood” – Manuzik, “The Uncommon Man” – Peter Biedermann.

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