little kids, big things


This is an episode from the News and Culture archives. 

Oliver and Anna caught up with Professor Casey Lew-Williams, one of the directors of Princeton University’s Baby Lab. Casey and his fellow researchers study development in children whose ages range from a couple months to 7 years old. We talked to Casey because his work gets right to the question we’ve been asking for a while. Do the things that are important to us when we’re young remain important as we get older? 

Elizabeth talks to two kids who are getting ready for their big holiday performance of A Christmas Carol at the McCarter Theater in Princeton. They discussed acting and stuffed animals. 

Julia has three brothers — all older than her — and growing up she relied on strangely formalized rules to survive. Here she is with a toy study of an improvised society. 

Oliver speaks with Alex Keane about death, family, friends, and bullies. Special shoutout to Alex’s dad, Steve, who is a long time WPRB listener. Thanks so much!

Remy’s sister is in 7th grade. That’s a seriously tough year. Here’s how she’s coping.

This episode was directed and hosted by Oliver Whang with new narration by Adam Sanders. Recorded, recorded, and produced by Oliver Whang, Anna Hiltner, Elizabeth Shwe, Julia Illhardt, and Remy Reya.

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