Love Letters



News and Culture celebrates Valentine’s Day with an episode devoted to professing your love. We hear from couples just starting to date and those who’ve already tied the knot, at ages different than you might expect. Reporters ask some guests to tell their loved ones *just* how much they care. An archivist lets us know the inside scoop on some historical love letters. And we read your confessions of love and care out loud for the whole world to see.

This episode was directed and hosted by Adam Sanders. Reported, recorded, and produced by Izzy Jacobson, Isa Escamilla, Anna Salvatore, Clara McWeeny, Charlie Nuermberger, Kat Ivkovic, Reina Coulibaly, Alan Plotz, and Adam Sanders. A special thank you to Clara Toujas, Julia Kingston, Alessandro Troncoso, and Nick Masters for providing their voices to our Open Love Letters segment. — Send in a voice message:


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